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DMIS - Dimensional Measuring Interface Standard
dmis.gif (1599 bytes) DMIS is the definitive standard for communications of dimensional measurement program sequences and results for manufacturing inspection. DMIS is widely used with coordinate measurement machines (CMMs), either as an intermediate file format between a CAD system and the CMM's native proprietary inspection language, or as a native programming language for direct control of the CMM.

The DMIS standard specifies the parameterization of inspection features and tolerances, the establishment of part coordinate systems and datum reference frames, sequencing for machine motion and measurement, sensor and rotary table definition and calibration, user prompting, data output, and high level language constructs. This ANSI and ISO standard consists of two distinct but related parts, provided within two separate documents.

bullet2.gif (851 bytes) DMIS Part 1
Part 1 defines a textual syntax which has grown into a full inspection programming language from its origins as a neutral interchange format between CAD systems, CMMs, and results reporting systems. Numerous enhancements over several versions of the standard have added additional inspection feature and tolerance types, high level language constructs (conditionals, branching, error handling), and advances in sensor definitions.

In essence, DMIS Part 1 defines the syntax (allowable statement structure) and semantics (meaning and effect of statements and parameters) for an inspection sequence. That is, it describes how a program statement (line) must be structured, and what effect each parameter will have during execution.

bullet2.gif (851 bytes) DMIS Part 2
Part 2 is a companion standard to DMIS Part 1, and defines an object oriented programming interface for on-line communication between a DMIS execution system and external applications. This interface permits the definition of features, tolerances, sensors, coordinate systems and other DMIS entities; the loading, execution, and interactive editing of part programs; the querying of machine and program status; and notification of activity by the inspection device to interested external applications. It further defines programming interfaces for modularizing the equipment control and add-on mathematics.

In essence, DMIS Part 2 defines an application programming interface (API) for defining, controlling, accessing, and watching items of interest within a CMM, using direct calls within a high level programming language (such as C++ or Java).

bullet2.gif (851 bytes) DMIS FAQs
Browse frequently asked questions about the DMIS standard and the DMIS Standards Committee (DSC).

bullet2.gif (851 bytes) Obtaining the Standards Document
ansi_approved The DMSC furthers the work on the standard through its DMIS Standards Committee (DSC).

The DMIS Standards bookstore has both the DMIS Part 1 and Part 2 documents available for online purchase. The DMIS documents are available in softcover printed format or as a PDF document on CD-ROM. The DMIS standards organization also has a licensing and distribution program for OEM's.

The ANSI versions of the DMIS documents may also be purchased from ANSI.

bullet2.gif (851 bytes) Changes to the Standard
The DMIS standards website has more information about their standards work, as well as a DMIS discussion board. DSC meeting minutes are available. DSC committee members can review and comment on open (active) SIRs. Copyright © 1997-2005 by Inspec Software Corp. All rights reserved worldwide.
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