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DOT Logo   Developing the technologies to process a DMIS program is a formidable undertaking. Inspec offers toolkits and services to simplify your software development effort. Featuring extensive support for the DMIS language, mathematical calculation and tolerancing routines, equipment control samples, and the flexibility of the DMIS Part 2 open interface standard, DMIS Object Technology™ toolkits can eliminate years from your development schedule.

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  Support Image   We're developing a premier support site for DMIS developers who are using our toolkits, to help you better understand the tools and technologies, to share tips and techniques, to enable you to get help with problems, and to help you stay current with the latest patches and updates. Look for:

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The DMIS Standard
DMIS Logo Now both an American national (ANSI) and international (ISO) standard, DMIS is the definitive standard for bi-directional communication of inspection data between inspection equipment and a computer system.
DMIS Part 1 specifies the format of a measurement sequence to control the operation of dimensional measuring equipment (typically supporting CMMs - coordinate measurement machines).

DMIS Part 2 uses object-oriented technology to build on DMIS, bringing plug-and-play capabilities to metrology equipment. Based on the DMIS Part 1 standard, this ANSI standard provides an open API (Application Programming Interface) which supports direct integration of measurement capabilities within third party software products.

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